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About P2P

The Pilot to Pilot Committee's mission is to make ALPA more accessible and visible to members on a daily basis. Working in concert with other communication initiatives, the Pilot-to-Pilot program adds an essential, personal, "high touch" element to the MEC's outreach efforts, complementing electronic, web, print, and other communication vehicles. We try to educate members on our union matters and take their feedback to the appropriate committees. We work strictly with facts to control rumors, encourage pilot participation in union matters and perhaps most importantly, work to build unity and trust amongst the pilot group. This program is based on the premise that, to an airline pilot, the most credible witness on matters of airline pilot careers and representation is a fellow airline pilot.

The Mentor program also falls under P2P. We’re here to assist the new hires with the transition to Spirit by making ourselves available to answer general questions and provide guidance to obtain additional help from other committee members should it be needed. The program began in early 2016 by assigning a mentor to contact each new hire and help them during their probationary year.



John Robinson

Brad Feigt

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