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About the Government Affairs Committee

Thanks for your interesting in reading about government affairs. The GA committee has two main functions. First we are the pilot’s voice representing the AirLine Pilots Association to the government, through direct district lobbying we promote pilot partisan issues in order protect our industry and maintain the highest safety standards globally. While the Spirit Government Affairs committee is the voice to ALPA, all ALPA GA members lobby directly to the federal government in unity as professional pilots.


In order to maintain our strength and true bipartisanship in DC, ALPA uses funds from the ALPA PAC, which funds all lobbying functions. As money cannot be taken from pilot dues, we run solely off voluntary donations in order to run the PAC, which leads to the second function of Spirit Government Affairs; raising contributions. In a time of many external foreign economic and safety threats and changes, contributing to the PAC is one of the highest priorities an ALPA pilot can do for job security.


Please take time to read the many issues we cover, which can be found on and contact us if you have any questions.


James Talev

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