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About the SPSC Committee

The Strategic Preparedness and Strike Committee (SPSC) works to build unity throughout the pilot group in support of negotiations.  These activities include Pilot Unity Building events, family awareness outings, and informational pickets. 

The committee also produces items that reinforce and display unity, such as lanyards, bag tags, and shirts. As negotiations proceed, the committee prepares the pilots and their families for endgame negotiations and a potential strike.  During a strike, the committee takes an active role in activities, pickets, and events to leverage pilot support and public opinion. The committee is supported by the ALPA National SPSC and ALPA resources provided to pilot groups during negotiations.


Every pilot at Spirit, regardless of their status, is allowed to display unity messages and participate in SPSC events without the fear of retribution from the Company, as detailed in the collective bargaining agreement.

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Brian Coley

SPSC Committee
  • Strategic Preparedness & Strike Committee
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