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Professional Standards

Professional Standards is a tool and service available to the pilot group to assist in resolving issues that occur while at the workplace that have not been sufficiently resolved through communicating with those involved. One of the main components of your professional standards committees is confidentiality.  All issues that are brought to us will stay confidential and stay between the parties involved.


Our committee addresses problems of a professional or ethical nature and attempts to resolve issues that may affect flight deck safety and professionalism. We strive to do so prior to the involvement of management and the associated potential disciplinary actions. Examples of situations that professional standards handles are issues with cockpit managerial style, personality conflict, non-adherence to standard operating procedures, crew coordination issues and distracting personal habits.


We are here to serve the pilot group in addressing conflicts that may arise and promoting the highest standards of professional conduct while at the workplace. Please remember to use this resource prior to escalating issues directly to management. This will help maintain the cohesiveness and integrity of our pilot group. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues you currently observe or experience on the line so we can bring these matters to the attention of the pilot group.

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