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About the Grievance Committee

The Spirit Grievance Committee serves as an advocate for pilots who feel that their rights under the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) have been violated.  Every pilot, from the day they step onto the property, are protected by the provisions set forth in the CBA—even while on probation. Should something occur, the first step in the conflict resolution process is to attempt resolution with the Company.  If you are unsuccessful, collect all data and supporting evidence and file a noncompliance complaint (NCC).  Names, dates, documents, and photos all help your Grievance Committee make a strong case on your behalf.  Be sure to attach all of your supporting documentation and every detail that could support your case.  From there, your Spirit Grievance Committee will investigate the complaint, present it to the Company, and reach a resolution. The best way to reach the Committee is via e-mail at


Jason Smith

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